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Paintly Lite의 핵심 기술인 이미지 트랜스퍼는AI로 구현되는 이미지 합성 기술 입니다.

편집할 이미지와 편집 이미지에 영감을 불어넣을 요소가 있는 이미지를 선택합니다.

AI 엔진 내 알고리즘이 두 이미지를 결합하고 구성 요소를 혼합해서 실제보다 더욱 놀라운 이미지를 합성합니다.

Paintly가 모바일로 구현한 인공지능 기술을 지금 만나 보세요.

Paintly Lite

‎Paintly Lite is a real-time AI-driven art filter app. 

 Paintly Lite enables you to recreate your favorite profile into artworks. With this app you can simply become an artist, all you need is your imagination and you can turn your photos into artworks.

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Android :: Play Store

Drawing Movie

AI Driven image transfer app Drawing.ID transforms your favorite profile photos into artworks

With this app you can simple become an artist.Our cutting-edge AI technology helps you turn memorable moments into timeless art. Try now!

iOS :: App Store

Android :: Play Store

AI Sketch

Turn your everyday images to art. is a uniquely powerful art filter app. We have amazing photo effects that you can’t find anywhere else, like oil painting, and pop art effects. Image editing is tough, it requires technical skills and expensive software. With this app, you can simply turn your profile images into art with just a single click, no technical savvy required. The process might be simple, but the results are incredibly stunning.

iOS :: App Store

Android :: Play Store

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